Seedrs and Microsoft’s accelerator and pitching event focused on AI and fundraising

Join the Seedrs and Microsoft AI accelerator – SERIES AI – a four-week upskilling programme with a Pitching Demo Day in collaboration with VC partners, including SFC and Vektor Partners.

This exclusive sector-agnostic programme, open to all startups preparing for Seed to Series A fundraising rounds, is designed to assist you with building AI solutions and capabilities for your customers.

About the Accelerator

Crafted by industry experts at Microsoft and Seedrs, this is an exciting programme spanning a total of four weeks, commencing from 13th May 2024. Founders will gain invaluable insights, resources and mentorship to develop their own AI Solution, fine-tune their business strategy and crystallise their pitch deck for future fundraising success. 
As a key feature of the accelerator, founders will be invited to participate in a series of eight upskilling webinar sessions covering essential topics such as building AI solutions, priming investors, pitching your terms, going to market, integrating AI and more. Of the participating businesses, six will be selected to pitch their business in front of VCs and other experts in our Pitching Demo Day.
Applications are open from 15th April 2024 and the accelerator is suitable for early stage startups from any sector looking to incorporate and already incorporating AI into their business.

About the Pitching Demo Day

We're searching for the most innovative startups in the UK that are looking to develop and/or integrate AI solutions. All applicants will be invited to participate in the accelerator but only six finalists - selected by our VC and expert panel - will be invited to pitch during the Pitching Demo Day receiving exposure to investors, live feedback and potential funding opportunities.
Complete the application for the opportunity to be selected as a finalist and pitch in front of top-tier VCs and investors on 17th June 2024 in Microsoft’s Reactor Space in Paddington. Plus, there will be the opportunity to attend the afterparty on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a great opportunity for participants to meet and connect with like-minded individuals from within the AI and fundraising space.

Benefits for Participants

Through Microsoft's cutting-edge technology and Seedrs' expertise in fundraising, you will be better equipped to propel your startup forward as you gear up for your fundraising round:

  • Join a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Access exclusive webinars and networking opportunities.
  • Engage with Microsoft’s AI team to help you build and go to market.
  • Access relevant business resources available via Founders Hub and ISV Success, such as Cloud credits and licensing from Microsoft and partners. 

Plus, the six finalists will receive the following:


  • The opportunity to take advantage of a 1:1 workshop with the Microsoft UK AI Development team on Build and Go to Market
  • Access to discounts for fundraising with Seedrs

Application Process

Ready to take the next step? Apply now by submitting your startup's details and pitch deck. 
Our expert panel will review applications and select six finalists to join us for the Pitching Demo Day in London on 17th June 2024. All applicants will receive access to the accelerator programme, regardless of being selected as one of the six finalists for the pitches.

Proudly Partnering with...

Pitching Demo Day Panelists

Meet the panel of experts and VCs who will be delivering the Pitching Demo Day. Benefit from their industry experience, strategic insights, and valuable connections.

James Chadwick

Director of Software Companies at Microsoft

John Lake

Managing Director
at Seedrs

SFC Capital

Vektor Partners

Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet additional VC partners, mentors and investors who can provide relevant support and guidance to accelerate your growth.


Who is eligible to apply for the accelerator?

This accelerator is suitable for startups at various stages, regardless of sector, with a particular preference for software companies who are building and incorporating AI within the business. We welcome startups of all types and at various stages, but preference will be given to those gearing up for their Seed and Series A rounds and those within the Tech/AI/SaaS sectors.

Why should I apply?

The Seedrs and Microsoft AI Accelerator is an opportunity for emerging and leading businesses in the space to gain access to industry-leading support and be connected with top investors. Applying gives you access to all accelerator activities including upskilling webinars and software discounts, regardless of whether you are selected to be one of the final six pitches. Therefore, it’s worth applying, regardless!

How do I apply?

Complete the application form here. Applications will close on Friday 10th May 2024 to allow time for the team to review all applicants and choose the finalists for the Pitching Demo Day.

What happens once I submit my application?

A group of VC judges will assess all applications and select six finalists who will be invited to pitch at the Pitching Demo Day on 17th June 2024. The Pitching Demo Day will take place at the Microsoft Reactor Space in Paddington from 1:30pm - 5:00pm including opportunities for networking. If you aren’t selected as one of the finalists, you are still eligible to take part in the accelerator activities, including all eight exclusive upskilling webinar sessions.

How much of my time is required in order to complete the accelerator?

Every applicant will be invited to attend all eight of our upskilling webinars. We will be hosting two one-hour webinar sessions per week for four weeks commencing from 13th May 2024 which will take place during the day. If you are unable to attend the session, we will record each session to share with all participants via email afterwards, too. A detailed programme of these webinar sessions will be shared after the applications have closed. In addition to the webinar sessions, there is the opportunity to carry out individual mentoring sessions with industry experts throughout the duration of the accelerator. These sessions will be implemented on a case-by-case basis, depending on the level of support your business requires.

I live outside of London. Will I be required to attend any physical events?

All of our webinar sessions during the four-week accelerator will take place online so founders can attend regardless of where they are based. However, the Pitching Demo Day will take place at the Microsoft Reactor Space in Paddington and finalists will be required to attend this in-person. There will also be the opportunity for additional applicants to attend the Pitching Demo Day on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will I need to be available for all of the webinar sessions within the accelerator?

These sessions are the ideal time to ask our experts any relevant questions and build connections. That said, we understand that the founders’ schedules can be particularly busy and whilst we value seeing as many live attendees on the webinar sessions as possible, attendance is not mandatory. We will record each session so founders can watch them again at any time.

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